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Tandem Health Wins Award of Excellence State Award

March 27, 2023

Tandem Health Wins Award of Excellence State Award

Tandem Health would like to congratulate John Evans, Tandem Health's Network System Administrator, on receiving the Award of Excellence at the 2023 South Carolina Primary Health Care Association's (SCPHCA) Annual SEA Retreat this weekend in Charleston, SC. The SCPHCA is the unifying organization for Community Health Centers (CHCs) in South Carolina. Tandem Health is one of 23 CHCs in South Carolina.

The Award of Excellence recognizes an employee that goes above and beyond the standard call of duty. This individual consistently demonstrates exemplary and noteworthy performance and must exhibit a consistently high level of outstanding public service. and exhibit superior work standards.

"It is with great pleasure and respect that I nominate John Evans for the Award of Excellence. John joined the Tandem Health team in 2017 and has become an asset to not only the Information Technology Department for Tandem Health, but also the organization as a whole. He exudes the values and mission that Tandem Health prides itself in presenting both publicly and internally for Tandem Health," said Jamey Milligan, Director of Information Technology at Tandem Health.

"John is innovative and an excellent problem-solver. He single-handedly found a solution to fix the video conferencing system after running into compatibility issues with multiple systems, for which even the vendors could not solve,” continued Milligan. “He came up with a creative solution to leverage the existing phone system to provide a much-needed feature while an overhead paging system was in the process of being procured so staff could have the functionality nine months sooner. His attention to detail and thoroughness when addressing user issues has been lauded by countless Tandem Health staff and leadership."

Congratulations to John and thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

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