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Tandem Health Board of Directors

As a Community Health Center, at least 51% of the board members of Tandem Health's BOD are consumers, our patients. The primary role of a Board Member is to contribute to defining the organization’s mission and governing the fulfillment of that mission, and to carry out the functions of the office of Board Member and/or Officer as stated in the bylaws. Board Members focus on the development of policies that govern the implementation of institutional plans and purposes. This role is separate and distinct from the role of the Executive Director, who determines the means of implementation.

Each Board Member will serve on at least one Committee or task force and participate in the accomplishment of its objectives. They also participate in the annual strategic planning retreat, board self-evaluation programs and board development workshops, seminars, and other educational events that enhance my skills as a Board Member. A complete list of the Tandem Health Board Member Expectations is attached.

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